We recently received this email from an allotment owner:


I was reading your webpage and thought you may be interested in my story. 35 years ago I took on an allotment with my dad. I bought a Bulldog spade and fork and used them there. We had to give up the allotment in 1980 but the spade and fork carried on digging at home. On moving house 6 years ago I put my name down for an allotment again, ready for retirement. This came through in May this year and the trusty spade and fork have been faultless in digging over the weed ridden strip I inherited, as well as my home clay patch and my parents veg patch. At the time I bought them there was an offer on, and a hand fork and trowel came with the bigger tools. These are still in daily use too. My new allotment is next door but one to my old plot so it seems like all the tools have gone “home”.

Congratulations on a tremendous product. I thought you would like to know about some of your products.

Steve Holland

Here’s a photo of Steve on his allotment:

Posted in Things we like By Stuart Elsom On 15th September 2010

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