Many of us will now be enjoying the fruits, flowers and vegetables of our early summer gardens. However, weeds are all too ready to creep between our chosen plants and ‘steal’ their water and nutrition! One of the easier ways of removing these weeds is by using a hoe, but hoes are not only useful for weeding, they can also be used to make seed drills, grade soil and also break up lumps that may have formed in your favourite bed or border.

Here in the UK we have a really good choice of hoes available to suit different soil conditions, types of garden and hoeing techniques. Many of our Bulldog hoes are designed to be used in different ways, but one thing that they all have in common is that they aren’t too heavy and have long handles which are chosen to make life much easier for your back.

DutchThe Dutch hoe has a slightly angled blade with an edge on the front for cutting. This hoe is very popular in the UK (despite its name!) and can be used for hoeing between established shrubs and plants particularly when they are generously spaced.

The Draw hoe has a wide vertical blade which is at a right angle to the shaft. This hoe is great for building up soil around onions and leeks, but can also be used in a chopping action which is particularly useful on harder ground.

PaxtonThe Paxton hoe features a shallow angled blade which is designed to be used with a push/pull action and can really speed through weeds and break up clumps of soil quickly.

The Warren hoe has a blade shaped in a ‘V’ and doesn’t have a cutting edge. Its pointed blade is at a right angle to the shaft and it is perfect for making seed drills and furrows as well as backfilling and grading the soil in beds and borders.

ClariceThe Clarice Flower hoe has a really handy mini head for precise hoeing between plants and flowers and for use in tight spaces. Suitable for congested growing areas this hoe can also be used with the blade turned sideways to slice through the narrowest gaps between delicate stems.

The 3 Prong Cultivator is not actually a real hoe, but we’ve included it because it is used in such a similar way. Designed to break up compacted ground and loosen the soil, allowing more air and water to get to the roots, the cultivator is a great heavy duty tool to remove even the toughest weeds.

All of our hoes are equipped with our long, FSC certified ash wooden shafts to allow gardeners to get a bit of extra reach. It is also worth adding that our latest Pedigree range includes a Dutch hoe fitted with a stainless steel head which reduces soil adhesion and is easy to wipe clean.

Next time you reach for a hoe, make sure you select the right one for the job and keep those encroaching weeds at bay!

You can see our complete range of Bulldog hoes here.

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 16th June 2017

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