springThe iconic Bulldog Springbok Rake will be celebrating its 100th Birthday next year and has been in constant production at our factory in Wigan, England since 1920. Much copied, the genuine Springbok rake can be identified by its prominent Bulldog branding and undisputed pedigree.

The rake is the perfect tool for scarifying lawns, fitted with oil quenched high tensile steel tines that are both very strong but slightly flexible making them extremely hard to break. Each pair of tines is made from one piece of wire with no joints or crimps and is set at an angle to ensure they are very effective during use. The solid ‘A’ grade Ash handle is both durable and comfortable and will last for many years – even with regular prolonged use.

9128N_1Scarifying is designed to remove the build-up of ‘thatch’ (dead grass) and lateral stems which restrict light and air penetration. This lack of light and air encourages moss and weeds to spread throughout your precious turf and their removal will promote the production of new grass shoots.

To scarify your lawn effectively, rake the surface once in one direction and then for best results repeat, raking in a completely different direction to ensure all of the thatch is removed. You will be amazed about how much thatch, moss and weeds this process extracts from your lawn.

You can read more about it here – and remember, if it doesn’t say Bulldog on the label, it’s not a genuine Springbok!

Posted in About Bulldog By Stuart Elsom On 13th February 2019

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