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Crocus and snowdrop

When I first started gardening at home my greatest interest was specie crocus, and back in those days they were expensive and difficult to buy.  Today we have a wider range and if you planted plenty in autumn then crocus in creams, yellows, purple, blue and oranges, with snowdrops in pure white will be popping through now…

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Posted in Gardening, Gardening with Ken By Stuart Elsom On 23rd January 2012 | 1 Comment

Gardening with Ken - July

It’s mid-summer and it’s time to prepare the garden for holidays and relaxing family times. Your annuals have been in at least a month now and so it is time to remove the dead and dying heads of flowering bedding plants if you haven`t already. This stops the plant setting seed which in turn stops…

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Ken's Diary June 2011

Your lawn must have suffered this summer with all that dry weather particularly if you live in the southeast, so watering is probably vital to a decent lawn now when dry periods of several days are in the offing. The trick with lawn watering is that whenever you do the job you give the area…

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Ken's Diary March 2011

This is the most exciting time in gardening, when there are plenty of seeds that need to be sown – all you need is the room to grow them. Hardy annual flower seeds including larkspur, love-in-a-mist, godetia, calendula, pansy, poppy and alyssum can be sown directly in the soil where they are to flower, once…

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